Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How to Care for Your Diamond

Caring for a diamond takes more than incidental cleanings. Precious stones are forever, be that as it may, they can be harmed on the off chance that you are most certainly not watchful. By figuring out how to appropriately nurture your diamond, you will guarantee that your diamond is in fact until the end of time.

Photo from google. Credits to the owner
To begin with, you ought to take your precious stone gems to a diamond setter once per year. Have him check the mountings and prongs that hold your diamond set up. Have him make any required repairs. This will keep your precious stone from dropping out of its setting and getting to be lost.

Precious stone adornments that is not being worn, or diamonds that are free ought to be put away in a fabric lined gem case, or in an adornments box where it can be kept separate from other adornments. Every piece ought to have its own compartment. This will keep precious stones from getting to be scratched, and it will likewise keep your diamond from scratching other adornments also.

Expel your precious stone gems while doing physical work. Precious stones can be chipped what's more, scratched effectively. Likewise abstain from permitting your precious stone to come into contact with fade or other family unit chemicals – this can harm or change the shade of the settings and mountings, and it might even irreversibly change the shade of the

Sunday, July 24, 2016

How Diamonds Are Mined

We from time to time consider how the diamonds we wear came to us. Common diamonds, as contradicted to manufactured diamonds or fake diamonds, are mined from the earth. There are as of now two techniques for mining diamonds: Pipe Mining and Alluvial Mining.

Pipe mining diagram. Photo credits to
At the point when pipe mining is utilized, the diamonds are separated from the earth through volcanic pipe/funnels. These are not man-made pipes. These are normal funnels in the ground. Shanks are put into the ground by the funnels, and passages are crashed into the most profound parts of the pipe. The diamonds are not sorted out at the mine. Rather, immense rocks that are brimming with diamonds are brought out of the mine and moved to a screening plant for partition.

Alluvial mining diagram. Photo from google. Credits to the original owner
The Alluvial mining strategy is done in riverbeds and on shorelines. Dividers are worked to keep down the water and the sand on the bank on the other hand shoreline is moved with a bulldozer until the level of earth that diamonds can be found in is come to. Once more, the precious stones are definitely not sorted here. Rather, the sand that contains the diamonds is bulldozed into trucks, and taken to screening plants.